The Allure of Cheap Chiropractors

You may be tempted to choose your chiropractor based on how much they charge. Many chiropractors in Singapore charge less than us because their relationship with you ends once you sign a package with them. Affordable and cheap care – at the expense of quality and meaningful therapeutic relationship – is their selling point! From the moment you purchase a package from them, you become one of the many bodies that passes through their clinic each day.

We Don't Click Bones. We Solve Your Problems.

To maximise the number of patients they see, discount clinics are setup with multiple chiropractic tables in a open concept space. The time you spent with the chiropractic is typically no more than 5 minutes. To further expedite this process, every patient receive the same set of adjustments regardless of your complaints! This set of adjustments have been dubbed “the flying seven”. The next time you visit a discount chiropractor, pay attention to the number of adjustments each patient receives and let us know what you think!

Discount clinics sell packages. We sell results.

Your Discovery Session

Your Discovery Session is a no-obligation consultation with us. The purpose of this visit is for you to determine if what we offer is suitable for you. Please note that no treatments are provided during this visit. If treatment is deemed necessary by the practitioner, additional fees apply for treatment. Plan on spending 20-30 minutes for this appointment.

Examination & Report Findings

During this visit, we will be going through the details of your recovery program and what it will take for you to achieve long-lasting results. Treatment is included in this session. For patients who have already purchased a plan, this would count as one session of your plan. Plan on spending 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

Ongoing Treatments

Once you have decided to move forward with care and chosen your preferred plan, we will schedule you for your upcoming appointments accordingly to your customised action plan. Plan on spending 20-40 minutes for ongoing appointments.

Start Feeling Great Again!

You should experience an improvement in your symptoms from the first visit. In chronic and severe cases, it may take up to 4 sessions before you start feeling better. You may expect to move pain-free by the end of your recommended care with us!

Find Freedom From Pain

Are you ready to take your first step towards pain-free living? Our approach is designed especially for patients with persistent aches, soreness, or pain. We work closely alongside you to help you achieve your full potential. Your chiropractor will develop a treatment program that is customised to your unique needs.



No Treatment
10 mins

Initial Consultation


Treatment Included
30-45 mins

Regular Consultation


Treatment Included
20-30 mins

Extended Consultation


Treatment Included
30-45 mins

We will develop a personalised recovery plan according to your needs and preferences to help you achieve a full, functional, and happy life.