The general understanding of chiropractic care among Singaporeans is that it is expensive. This has been well discussed online and we have also previously written about How Much Does It Cost to See a Chiropractor in Singapore. Before we can discuss our value, we have to establish how much do chiropractors charge.

Cost of Seeing a Chiropractor in Singapore:

1. Square One: $240 – initial consultation + treatment, $150 – follow up visit.

At Square one, we charge a flat fee of $240 for the initial consultation (treatment inclusive) and $150 for follow ups. With clients who require extra time, can opt for an extended visit at $50 per 15 minutes. We also do not sell packages. This is just us so let’s look at how much do other chiropractors in Singapore charge.

N.B. Out of all of the clinics that came out in our Google search, we were the only clinic that does not offer package.

2. Singapore Pain Solutions: $165 initial consultation + treatment, $90 – follow up chiropractic adjustment.
Source: Singapore Pain Solution

So Singapore Pain Solutions charges $75 for a consultation session without treatment and adjustments are $90. This works out to $165 for the first visit (treatment inclusive) and $90 for follow up (or $60 if you bought a package of 12 sessions). Additional spinal decompression therapy are available at $100 per session.

3. Reform Chiropractic: $90 initial consultation + treatment, $85 follow up visit.
Source: Reform Chiropractic

Next up we have Reform Chiropractic at Serangoon. Chiropractors David and Stephanie charge $90 for the first visit (treatment inclusive!) and $85 for follow ups. For those who bought a 12-session package, it’s down to $75 each.

4. Neo Chiropractic: $150 initial consultation + treatment, $100 follow up visit

Source: Neo Chiropractic

So I added Neo Chiropractic to the list because they are probably one of the few clinics in Singapore who does a per-item billing. There is a fixed standard rate of consultation + treatment (I am assuming only includes chiropractic adjustment) and you pay additional for other services such as dry needling, and IASTM (Graston Technique).

Other chiropractic clinics did come up in our search. The following clinics are those which – to our best knowledge – did not have a fee schedule on their website:

For comparison sake, how much do physiotherapists charge in Singapore?

1. Physiotherabeat: $150

2. Work Lift Balance: $240 initial consultation + treatment, $175 follow up visit

3. Core Concepts: $120 (physiotherapist) to $150 (senior/principal physiotherapist)

4. Singapore Physio: $160 initial consultation + treatment, $140 follow up visit

Other physiotherapy clinics did come up in our search. The following clinics are those which – to our best knowledge – did not have a fee schedule on their website:

Chiropractors are no more expensive than physiotherapists

So for context, chiropractors are not more expensive that physiotherapists. Compared to the subsidised physiotherapy rates Singaporeans receive at the polyclinics or hospitals? Yes, of course! But as far as private healthcare is concerned, both professions are fairly heterogenous in their fee structures and it doesn’t seem – from what we have here – that chiropractors are significantly more expensive than physiotherapists.

What Does Research Say About Chiropractic?

First, there has been no chiropractic research done in Singapore. Second, there are not many chiropractors in Singapore compared to other first world cities. So, we are going to go by studies on Pubmed to see how chiropractors fare when it comes to treatment.

#1 Chiropractic patients recover the quickest for occupational back pain

This is controversial stuff! In 2017, a study by Blanchette et al. published that “chiropractic patients experience the shortest duration of compensation, and physiotherapy patients experience the longest” when it comes to occupational back pain. If you think the study is skewed or whatsoever, it’s actually pretty good! One, the sample size is massive – the study looked at 5511 workers. Two, none of the authors – from what I can tell – were afflicted with the chiropractic profession. They were from Public Health faculty of Montreal University, Université Laval, and University of Toronto.

This might not be what you expect but we really do know our stuff!

#2 Chiropractic students reported significantly more helpful beliefs

This study is a little annoying because it’s behind a paywall. The abstract alone read, “physiotherapy and chiropractic students reported significantly more helpful beliefs compared with the other disciplines.” However if you looked at the raw data, chiropractic students reported higher helpful beliefs than physiotherapy students.

p.s. This paper is published by authors from the Department of Health in Western Australia, which do not have any chiropractors on their payroll!

#3 Chiropractors most adherent to clinical practice guidelines

When it comes to low back pain, chiropractors are the most evidence based! According to a study Amorin-Woods et al, 73% of chiropractors adhered current clinical practice guidelines compared to 62% of physiotherapists. Only 52% of medical practitioners were guidelines-adherent. That’s comparable to a coin toss. Imagine that!

Are chiropractors worth their money?

At the end of the day, only you have the answers to the question. While mainstream media like to portray chiropractors as dimwits, research around the world consistently show that chiropractors do know what they are doing. It may be true that some chiropractors in Singapore provide subpar care due to the lack of regulation. However, there are always good chiropractors around if you look hard enough.

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