Singaporean Car Racer Daim Hishamummudin (Instagram) raced in Ningbo China over the weekend and came in second place. We are extremely privileged to have supported him for the last few months.

Daim was referred to Square One Chiropractic by Gladys (Instagram) and Desmond (Instagram) from Hercules Fitness for reduced flexibility in his hamstrings as well as neck/mid back tightness. Our sessions with him did involve manual therapy such as dry needling and spinal manipulation. However, a big part of getting athletes to perform better is to get them moving well and moving better.

We prescribed him exercises to do at home and worked with him on our on-site gym to try to improve his confidence and comfort with deadlifting and squats. After 8 visit (over 2 months), we did see some pretty good results! For more information about Daim’s progress with us, you can check us out on our Instagram profile!

If you don’t know who Daim is, you can read more about him over at The Straits Times.