Are you struggling with your sports injuries recovery? Looking for a sports chiropractor in Singapore to boost your athletic performance?This is part II of a four part series on the latest research on the benefits of chiropractic for athletes brought to you by Square One Chiropractic. Let us help you find long-lasting, effective solution for your pain! Find us on Instagram or visit our Facebook page.

Lifting heavier isn’t the only way to get stronger. Very often, our progress as athletes is impeded by pain, recurrent or chronic injuries. Staying healthy and being able to train pain-free is as important pushing for heavier weights!

Chiropractic and Sports Injuries

Crossfitters are focused on strength and conditioning, with a healthy dose of competition mixed in. And if you are looking to improve your WOD (that’s workout a day for the uninitiated), then you need a plan to achieve your best performance, while making sure your body can recover quickly. Otherwise, injuries may start to pop up and cause you to slow down or even keep you from going to the gym altogether.

As someone who is looking for both optimal performance and recovery – there is no better choice than chiropractic. Exciting new research has shown that chiropractic adjustments can increase cortical drive by influencing your nervous system, which in results in increased strength (Australian Spinal Research Foundation). Also, chiropractic adjustments can improve spinal motion and reduce inflammation- all of which help with recovery.

Chiropractic is Drug and Medication Free!

The days of administering shots of narcotics on the sidelines are long over. While turning off the body’s pain mechanism may sound like a good idea, it is most certainly an excellent way to cause more injury (BBC News). Not less! This is not what chiropractic is about. Sports chiropractors strive to find the cause of your injury, directly address the issue, and get you back on the field better than you were before (American Chiropractic Association). It is no surprise that both the professional sports clubs and the players themselves choose Chiropractic.

Crossfit is a demanding sport – which is one of the reasons it’s so fun. But unless you balance your activity with the proper rest and recovery, you could end up injured and in pain. Chiropractic will go a long way towards keeping you strong and active, but if you would like any recommendations on nutritional supplements or pain relieving creme’s just ask, we would be happy to help!

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