Three updates to the chiropractor industry in Singapore

Over the last couple of months, there have been some changes to the chiropractic clinics in Singapore. Because this may be confusing to some of you, we have decided to compile these changes for you.

Natural Healings is now Natrahea 康愈源

chiropractor singapore, natrahea

It is not clear why Natural Healings have rebranded themselves to Natrahea. If I had to guess, it would be to appeal more to the Chinese demographic.

While their core offering use to be chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seems to be their new focus.

According to their websites, Natrahea clinics offer acupuncture (similar to dry needling), tui na, cupping, gua sha (very similiar to IASTM), and herbal remedies.

Fun fact: Aras Ignatavicius, the clinic director of Natural Healings since 2016 has moved on to R3vive Centres which he is both the founder and director.

Singapore Pain Solutions is now re:chiro

singapore pain solutions, jenny li

It is unclear what chiropractors Jenny Li or Jeff Ederer is planning to do with the rebranding. Their Facebook page mentioned that Singapore Pain Solutions was founded in 2015 and that they have rebranded to re:chiro.

Their website and email still follows the Singapore Pain Solutions branding.

Full Potential is now Chiropractic Singapore

full potential, chiropractic singapore

It sounds like an attempt to rank well on Google.

Impressively, they are ranked #4 for “chiropractic singapore” while Square One Active Recovery holds top spot for the search term.