Why Square One? Maybe you have been to a chiropractor and physiotherapist before. You didn’t get the results you wanted. You are still in pain. Your friend recommended you to check us out. You are not sure if we will be any different.

Cheap fees are not our unique selling point

Square One is about getting results and helping our patients get better. If you don’t get some results by the end of two weeks, you give your money back (go to our FAQ for our T&Cs). At time of publication, we are sure there are no other clinics (chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy, or even TCM) – offering this. This is our unique selling point.

Don’t forget, cheap fees doesn’t always mean cost-saving. Discount chiropractors upsell chiropractic packages that cost over thousands of dollars. Sure, each session may only cost $50-$60. Multiply that by 40 (or worse 80) – is that still cheap?

You have your reasons for considering chiropractic care. If you are not getting the results you are after, cheap treatments – however cheap – will still be a waste of money. We put our money where our mouth is. We don’t use price to entice our prospects. We have a unique selling point nobody in the industry can match. Why do you think that’s the case?

You know those Facebook ads offering heavily discount first visits? Na, we are not like them.

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We don’t take everyone who can pay as patient

We frequently turn away patients who are not suitable for our care.

We pride ourselves as a clinic who delivers long-term results. That means you need to actively work with us to get better. If you are after a quick chiropractic adjustment, we can refer you to a crack-and-go clinic. If you are after a relaxing body rub, we can send you to a massage therapist.

You know how some clinics promise you they will deliver results no matter what your problem is or what your goals are? No, we are not like them. We pride ourselves as being honest and our focus is on building strong relationships with our community. We know our strengths and our limitations, and we are fully aware we are not suitable for everyone.

If you are not going to benefit from our care, we will let you know.

Know why and what you are after. Find the best person who can help!

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We discourage patients from buying a package

We genuinely struggle with selling packages because our primary goal is to get you better.

Yes, we are for-profit. No, we are not looking to prolong your time with us so we can get more money out of you. Our business model is based on doing a excellent job so you will talk to your friends and family about how awesome we are. (It has been working so far.)

p.s. We also find patients who had bought packages to have slower recovery than those who did not.

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Be it returning to sport or just being able to sit at work pain-free, we care about your goals!

What you want matters to us

Your goals matter to us and we actively work to get you to where you want to be. This means finding out what you want to achieve with us. Being pain-free? Great! Tell us what gives you pain. What sort of activities trigger your pain? After a few sessions with us, we may get you to go back to those activities to see how your body is performing. To see how far you are from discharge.

We use your own goals as our KPI (key performance indicator).

Unlike other clinics, we don’t use how you feel after your session with us as an outcome measure. We also don’t tell you that you will start to feel better if you come back more. We work on specific goals for each sessions and most of you would leave with an observable, measurable improvement by the end of EACH session. We don’t do voodoo.

We are also primarily an active care clinic. This means we train your body with specific movements and exercises to get you stronger so you don’t have to come back anymore.

How good is that?

We don’t do pain-based selling

Notice how most clinics show pictures of people in pain? They remind you of how awful your life is and they want you to fix it.

Us? We focus on what you can achieve. We want to empower you to live a full, functional, and happy life.

Don’t let people instill fear and negativity into you. Take control of your recovery. On your own terms.

We have an open door policy

We welcome our patients to connect with us via WhatsApp or email. We are happy to address any questions you may have about your session or condition. We know it takes time to process new information.

When you have a question for us, we will be there to answer it. We want to build a relationship with you. We want to maximise your outcomes at Square One.

Our patients come from all over the world

We are so thankful for all of your support! Just over six months into starting Square One, we have serviced from all over the world! Be it expats, tourists, or corporate workers passing through our island city.

We never intended for referrals to come from US, Europe, and Australia. These referrals from healthcare providers we have never met, but come to know of us through word of mouth, shows our commitment to building strong relationships and putting patients first.

Your Recovery Journey Begins Now

Frustrated by the lack of quality pain management and ethical business practices in Singapore, chiropractor Jesse Cai founded Square One to deliver recovery goals in just 4 to 7 visits. Not getting results from your chiropractor, TCM doctor or physiotherapist? Book an appointment and find out how we can take your recovery to the next level.