What is Dynamic Functional Alignment (DFA)

Dynamic Functional Alignment is a revolutionary, functional approach to treating musculoskeletal complaint. The technique is developed by Dr. Jesse Cai and Exercise Physiologist Michael Beere to optimise your alignment, mobility, movement, and strength.

Gone are days of bed rest and muscle rubs. This program is about us working alongside you to help you to reach higher functional and sports goals. The program is specific to your complaint and aims to help you achieve what truly matters to you. Too often, healthcare providers fail to consider the patient’s goals and expectations. With Dynamic Functional Alignment, we promise this will not be the case. We promise true patient-centered care.

Your individual preferences, goals, and expectations are all important to us. As such, no two programs are identical. Our programs take into account your unique symptoms (if any), anthropometry (i.e. height, weight, joint angles), as well as your current fitness level and lifestyle. In doing so, we can consistently deliver results no other providers can match.

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Dynamic Functional Alignment is a revolutionary approach to treating musculoskeletal complaint. The technique is developed by Dr. Jesse Cai & Exercise Physiologist Michael Beere to optimise your alignment, mobility, movement, and strength.

Functional Approach to Pain

Our Functional Approach to Pain  

  1. Assess & Diagnose
  2. Goal setting
  3. We Will Design A Customised Program For You
  4. Start Feeling Great Again

Phase I: Deficit Correction

Patients with pain or any symptomatic complaint (aches, tension, soreness, tightness) are advised to start with Phase I.

In Phase I, the objective is to restore myofascial and joint function. At Square One, we primarily use therapeutic exercises to improve your movement and to help you increase strength. You will be prescribed with specific home exercises. These exercises are designed to optimise movement patterns or improve muscular strength. Manual therapy may be utilised as an adjunct therapy in selected cases to enhance your recovery. 

By the end of phase I, you should have learnt new movement patterns and have muscular strength comparable to some one without your symptoms.

Duration: 3-4 weeks on average; patient in chronic or severe pain may take up to 6 weeks before progression to Phase II.

Phase II: Function/Sports Plus

Phase II is when we start to bring everything together. By this stage, you are moving well and you are also strong. The objective of this phase is to make sure you can go back to daily life and doing what you love pain free. 

You will be lifting a substantial amount of weight. The focus will now be on function or sport-specific movements. Do not let this intimidate you! Your current fitness level does not matter to us. We are here to help and to guide you through the program every step of the way. We teach you how to move better and move stronger in a safe and healthy way to the results you desire!

Duration: 8-12 weeks on average; patients who are sedentary or physically inactive may require an additional four weeks.  

Information for First Time Patients

Is DFA for me?

While Dynamic Functional Alignment may not be suited for everyone, most people regardless of age, pain severity, and fitness level benefit from the program. This is because we take into account who you are as an individual and what you want to achieve as a person!

Not getting results from your previous treatments? Let us help you. Dynamic Functional Alignment works from your perspective to unlock your body to help you achieve your full potential. See results from as early as the first session!

What to Expect?

We do not follow a cookie-cutter, one-size-fit-all approach to your care. As such, treatments may vary between visits and between individuals. These changes are done to optimise both your pain and functional outcomes.

The results you get directly correlates to your compliance to your customised program and the home exercises prescribed. For patients who require extra attention, choose our high-intensity 24-session plan for best results.

What Now?

Dynamic Functional Alignment is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art approach to managing musculoskeletal complaint. Dynamic Functional Alignment is not a cookie-cutter pain solution that promises a quick fix. Instead, we work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Choose wisely. Choose Dynamic Functional Alignment.