Comprehensive Online Prehab & Injury Prevention Program

As fitness, well-being, and health monitoring technology are becoming more and more prevalent within the wellness industry, why not take full advantage of what is currently available? Having access to an online comprehensive injury prevention program and clinician is both time and cost-effective.

How often do we put things aside due to time constraints? Would you rather spend an hour in the gym or a treatment room? By going online, we can provide the best of both worlds, don’t miss out on a gym session, or postpone that catch-up lunch with friends because you have to go to an appointment. With our online prehab and injury prevention program, you will have full access to your individual plan and receive real-time support from your clinician when you need it. Using a combination of technologies we can track your progress, make any updates/alterations to your program when needed and even supervision during sessions to ensure you are getting the most out of your sessions!

Muscle Energy Technique

Muscle Energy Technique is a therapeutic stretch and exercise for everyone who moves that increases range of motion.

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Smart Tools Therapy

Smart Tools is an evidence-based technique and instrument system designed to facilitate soft tissue injury recovery.

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We offer a comprehensive, individually tailored online prehab and injury prevention program.

Information for First Time Patients

Returning to your peak performance after an injury can be a long and arduous journey. From traumatic torn tendon or ligament in the elite athlete to a mild muscle strain from carrying your grocery shopping, any form of damage to our body results in pain or reduced function.  

Strength isn’t always the answer! Sure it helps – to an extent – but spending hours in the gym lifting heavy weights alone doesn’t save you from injury. Being able to move correctly and move purposefully is the key to preventing injuries.

Take advantage of our online prehab and injury prevention program to get the most out of your workouts and your body! Whether you integrate in into your usual workout or have it as a stand alone session, take some time to strengthen your weaknesses. Be PROACTIVE with your health, don’t wait till you start breaking down! Take control of your body and fight the stresses of everyday with us.

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