For Serious Knee Pain Only | No Surgery | 100% Exercise Therapy

What if I told you that you don’t have to live with your knee pain

No surgery,
or regular physiotherapy or massage,

or other random gimmicks.

Most people think being a chiropractor means I work only with the spinal conditions like low back pain or neck aches and soreness. But what if I told you the #1 reason for consultation at Square One is actually knee pain?

There are various types of knee pain. Are you suffering from one of the following:

“I’ve tried multiple injury management methods ranging from sports massage to physiotherapy but to no avail. These methods provided me with short-term relief to my injury and failed to solve the root cause of the problem. Hence, the pain keeps coming back whenever I push my body to its limit.
Today marks my 3rd session with Jesse. I’m pleased to say that after merely 3 sessions with him, I am already able to do weighted squats with NO knee pain.”
Kingsley Tay
National Volleyball Athlete
29 April 2019, Instagram

Your Pain Is Not Going Away

Most people think their knee pain will go away on its own.

But think again, how long have you had this pain for? Six months? Two years? Ten years?

If your knee pain is not getting better, it’s most likely not going to go away without professional help.

The quicker you seek treatment, the less time you spend living in pain, the earlier you get back to doing what you love!

You DO NOT Need Expensive Knee Pain Treatment

Research says expensive treatments like dry needling, IASTM, massage, ultrasound, shockwave don’t work. International clinical guidelines do not support their use as first-choice treatment for knee pain. The more you use them, of course, the less results we see.

How much time does your chiropractor or physiotherapist spend rubbing your knee or performing some sort of “hands on” therapy on the muscles and joints? 80%? 100%? Sure it feels good for the day. The more important question is: Are you going back to pain-free living? 

No? The reason is simple – they don’t work.

If you are currently feeling frustrated and unmotivated because you think it’s your fault, it is not. The problem is not your “wonky” knees or knees that are “damaged” from your bad training program. It is more likely that you are just at the wrong place. We know you are putting in the hard work .but you are not getting the results. You are frustrated. This can end now!

p.s. research has also shown that changing your running shoes may not make a difference

Exercise is the best treatment for knee problems

Over 80% of our clients leave our care within 4 to 7 visits – pain-free and with full function – because exercise works. For some clients, it only took them two visits. What is so special about our exercises you may ask?

Honestly? Nothing.

Everything we do with our clients can be found on YouTube or Instagram. Then what are people paying me for exactly? Well, our results! And our expertise in knowing when to do what and how much to do at any given time to maximise your recovery.

knee pain, exercise, chiropractor singapore
“You’d have thought going to a chiropractor would mean getting every inch of your body cracked and then walking out the door with a temporarily sated body. (But Thai masseuses are not chiropractors!)
Jesse bumps that up by making sure you leave with the knowledge of where and what went wrong with your body. He doesn’t stop there because you’d be taught mini exercises until you see him next. Yes, they help tremendously in recovery if you have the discipline! Without a doubt, Jesse is obviously well informed in his craft and you’d definitely understand why he trumps the “crack-and-go’s”.”
Clare Yau
Founder of Ryders Singapore
18 May 2018, Google Reviews

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Square One vs. Our Competitors

Our numbers show that over 80% of our clients leave our care within four to seven visits in full control of the pain. This is the truth! They go back to work pain-free, they go back to their favourite sports, they spend more time with their friends and family. They go back to loving life.

We want this for you. You have an 80% chance of living pain-free with Square One. Do you want this?

In our bid to help as many people go back to doing what they love pain-free, you may want to take advantage of our Total Knee Recovery Consultation at a minimal cost of $99*! We are fully subscribed for our $99 promotion.

You will get to:

*Fees must be paid in full before an appointment can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am inactive and unfit. Can I join?

Yes, absolutely yes! There is a misconception that our approach only works for physically active individuals or athletes. This is not true. Our goal is help you live pain-free through exercise. While our exercises may be challenging, they are tailored to your current fitness and health status. We are here to help!

Wouldn't exercise make my pain worse?

It may be true that, for most people, exercise makes their pain worse. We know. This is where we come in. Our job is to help you navigate the movements and exercises you can do to achieve pain-free living. In fact, studies have shown that exercises which are painful to perform (within reason) have better outcomes than exercises that are 100% pain-free. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.

Who are chiropractors?

A chiropractor is an individual who belongs to the chiropractic profession. We are concerned with the diagnosis, management and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health.

Do I need a referral from a medical doctor?

No. While we do accept referrals from doctors and other healthcare providers, no referral letter is needed to book an appointment.

How much are your fees?

Our usual fees are $200 for the initial consultation. The regular follow up visit is $100. Additional time is available at $50 per 15-minute block.

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(Don’t worry, we are all not perfect. But we ask you try.)

*Fees must be paid in full before an appointment can be made.