I started this blog to offer evidence-based chiropractic content so people could make informed-decisions about their pain treatment.

It has since grown to include other topics, in over 200 posts, to provide a true biopsychosocial, whole-person approach to helping you find freedom from pain.

I’ll like to thank the support of my readers — all 10,000 of you — who have helped this site grow to become the most read chiropractic/physiotherapy blog in Singapore.

To facilitate your reading experience, I am compiling an essential reading list. If you prefer, you can scroll down to access the blog in reverse chronological order (newest entries first).

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11 Best Recommendations for your Musculoskeletal Pain and Low Back Pain

Fresh off the press! Consistent 11 recommendations for general musculoskeletal conditions and a bonus 7 recommendations for low back pain published just earlier this month. Must read!

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Why See A Sports Chiropractor?

The days of receiving shots of narcotics on the sidelines are over. Turning off the pain mechanism is an excellent way to cause more injury. Not less! But, with chiropractors there to help find the cause of the injury - the athletes can get back on the field feeling better than ever. Both the sports franchises and the players now realise that a team approach to care is best.

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Your Recovery Journey Begins Now

Frustrated by the lack of results-driven and ethical chiropractic clinics in Singapore, chiropractor Jesse Cai founded Square One Active Recovery to deliver recovery goals in just 12 weeks.

Not getting results from your chiropractor, TCM doctor or physiotherapist? Book an appointment to discover the difference the right care can make.

*We do not offer short-term pain solutions such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or any form of soft tissue therapy.