I started this blog to offer evidence-based chiropractic content so people could make informed-decisions about their pain treatment.

It has since grown to include other topics, in over 200 posts, to provide a true biopsychosocial, whole-person approach to helping you find freedom from pain.

I’ll like to thank the support of my readers — all 10,000 of you — who have helped this site grow to become the most read chiropractic/physiotherapy blog in Singapore.

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Is your chronic pain a lifestyle disease: a behavioural approach to recovery

It's not unimaginable that a sedentary lifestyle or an overactive lifestyle can both contribute to chronic pain. When you try to make sense of your pain, you probably reason with a structure-based or damage-based narrative. Afterall, this is what most chiropractors or orthopaedic surgeons will talk about even though recent research has vigorously challenged them. [...]

The power of deload and why more is not always better

We consistently get over 10,000 visitors to our website on a monthly basis. For perspective, we are the most visited chiropractic website IN THE WORLD. This is only possible because we consistently post up-to-date, quality content. I took a break from writing over the last couple of weeks because I needed rest. It's kind of [...]

New research (2019 participants) shows manual therapy does not work

We talk so much about exercise because exercise is awesome. It empowers pain suffers to take charge of their own recovery. It allows you to be independent and not have to dependent someone for the rest of your life. Quite often manual therapy such as chiropractic adjustments and massage are said to be good for short-term [...]

Personal training makes sense because exercise is medicine

The best moments in a chiropractor's career is really about creating meaningful change with and for our clients. How does exercise help with chronic pain? When Phase 2 (HA) started, a client decided to put her sessions with us on old because she was living with her senior, unvaccinated mother. We saw again this week [...]

Dear Straits Times, I take umbrage at your broscience content on back pain

Did anyone manage to get their hands on the Umbrage t-shirt that was on Lazada? Credit: Coconuts Singapore The umbrage incident happened almost two months ago now. While it may be considered old news, it's always a good time to discuss editorial integrity. And if media companies and/or content creators have an obligation to publish [...]

Dear Singapore Women’s Weekly, please fact check your chiropractic expert

With such low quality content being published, it's no wonder head and body pain cost us $8.4 billion each year. An entire article featuring a single Singapore chiropractor without any references to support his claim. Unfortunately, this is the quality of writing we are getting today. No wonder pain sufferers are having a hard time [...]

Muscle relaxants don’t work. What will it take to change pain management?

If you Google "muscle relaxant", one of the articles that pop up is about lower back pain treatment. According National Heart Centre, muscle relaxants can help with reducing muscle spasm and stiffness. Do they help though? Do muscle relaxers help back pain? Muscle relaxants were identified as an emerging trend and forecasted to be a [...]

Recovery from an investing perspective: Why good data matters

We feel better when we are in control because we think that having control equals good outcomes. When it comes to investing at least, that's totally not true. The Straits Times just published today that 1 in 2 CPF members who use their funds to invest made less than the guaranteed 2.5%. In short, they [...]

S$2b in valuation! What is so special about Secretlab chairs?

If you haven't already heard Secretlab co-founder Ian Ang just dropped $51 billion on a good class bungalow and a triplex penthouse. His company is valued at a whopping $2 billion dollars! Why does that concern us? Well, he sells chairs! Gaming chairs first, ergonomic chairs second To be super clear, Secretlab is famous for [...]

How do you relieve sciatic nerve pain? Can exercise help?

Sciatica is making the news again with Whoopi Goldberg taking time off because of leg pain. During an interview, she said: “I'm telling you, it's like a bad boyfriend who came back to mess with me. There I was trying to move my leg, impossible to do. It was really horrible, but I'm glad to [...]

What is active versus passive treatments? Is active recovery truly superior?

I think people like to romanticise passive therapies because they have been around for thousands of years. Beyond that, they also make us feel really, really good. So, we want to believe that it works. When it comes to the practitioner's side, it makes sense to do what you are familiar with and to do [...]

Teachable moments: why do useless treatments seem to work?

A chiropractor reached out today to suggest that I could be more inclusive in my views towards chiropractic adjustments. In his experiences, his patients do improve. In his words, "people can practise how they want and still get results". Do I have something against spinal manipulation? People seem to forget I did offer chiropractic adjustments. [...]