I started this blog to offer evidence-based chiropractic content so people could make informed-decisions about their pain treatment.

It has since grown to include other topics, in over 200 posts, to provide a true biopsychosocial, whole-person approach to helping you find freedom from pain.

I’ll like to thank the support of my readers — all 10,000 of you — who have helped this site grow to become the most read chiropractic/physiotherapy blog in Singapore.

To facilitate your reading experience, I am compiling an essential reading list. If you prefer, you can scroll down to access the blog in reverse chronological order (newest entries first).

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Six things we bought at Decathlon to kickstart our 2022

We didn't really think much of Decathlon as a go-to place for sports equipment because I guess we were comfortable with what we have. We wanted to do 2022 differently by exploring sports that we wouldn't usually do. With that in view, Decathlon became our top choice store for the best value sports equipment for [...]

The Stages of Recovery from a Chiropractor’s Perspective

For this specific post, we are moving away from our usual evidence-based content. What I'd like to do is to share some experiences I observed as a chiropractor, and with that give you some idea of what to expect in the coming months. Kübler-Ross's five stages of grief Most of us would have come across [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Seeing A Chiropractor (Singapore Edition, 2022)

Most people think seeing a chiropractor in Singapore is expensive because you have to keep coming back. What if I told you that that is a lie? We stopped offering chiropractic adjustments because our clients were simply taking too long to get better. Don't get us wrong. Spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy do help [...]

The One Question You Should Not Be Asking For Best Recovery Outcomes

We always encourage prospective clients to do their research before committing to a recovery option. This is in-part why we choose to post so much content on our website. Despite our emphasis on education, not everything is relevant and meaningful to your recovery. As a chiropractor, I do often see individuals accumulating head knowledge without [...]

Best Clinical Practice: What exactly does a chiropractor do in Singapore?

There's a lot of misconception about what a chiropractor does in Singapore. This is largely because of the extreme opinions that are floated by various publications and organisations. Today, we will try to provide some unpopular perspective on the matter. The history of chiropractic A lot of people think exercise is not part of chiropractic [...]

What you should know about back pain and Omicron

The Ministry of Health (Singapore) just announced that sales of tickets for vaccinated travel lane (VTL) flights and buses will stop from 23 Dec to 20 Jan. This is an attempt to control the number of imported Omicron COVID-19 cases in Singapore. What is Omicron? Omicron is a variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes [...]

What does the latest clinical guideline say about chiropractic for back pain?

It is unfortunate that chiropractic in Singapore has become synonymous with spinal manipulation. When most people think of seeing a chiropractor in Singapore, they think of getting cracked. However, this shouldn't be the case. Chiropractors are trained allied health providers, and should provide evidence-based care based on what actually works. If spinal adjustments work, then [...]

Think chiropractic doesn’t work? Well, neither does spinal surgery.

There is no doubt that chiropractors have a bad rep in Singapore. A quick Google will bring you to forums talking about hard-selling experiences or how it is not evidence-based. While compelling as they may sound, those are just opinions.. Surgeons are not, by default, more evidence-based than chiropractors When patients undergo MRI, they are [...]

Clementi Forest: What if all you need is to spend more time outdoors?

Disclaimer: We didn't take any photos of our little Clementi Forest hike because we want to immerse in the full experience. We plan to revisit this trail in a fortnight and will update with more photos!  A few weeks ago, CrossFit CEO Eric Roza sent an email to his team informing him that he was [...]

Why must I commit to programme? Can’t I just pay-per-session?

We stopped offering pay-per-session almost over a year ago. On the surface, it does seem like we have gone into the "chiropractic package" model. However, we can assure you we have not. Why did you stop taking pay-per-session clients? Honestly, because the outcomes are just poor. When it comes to arranging your own recovery, pain [...]

Chronic Pain: Why pay for exercise when I can YouTube them?

When it comes to working with a chiropractor in Singapore, we are probably the most expensive clinic. We are not ashamed of it because we consistently drive results for our clients, even those who gave us one-star on Google. Beyond that, we also know that the average spend of our clients are LESS THAN HALF [...]

Sometimes all you need is to get started. And CrossFit is a good start.

We chose to open a CrossFit box in the middle of the pandemic because we saw an opportunity. Neither of our cofounders are CrossFit athletes but that didn't stop us for doing what was best for our community. What is CrossFit? CrossFit is an inclusive sport that is suitable for people across all age groups [...]