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Established by Jesse Cai in 2018, Square One Active Recovery is the first exercise-based chiropractic clinic in Singapore. Square One eschews from traditional chiropractic care and offers a holistic approach to long-term pain relief in four to seven sessions. Moving away from conventional chiropractic adjustment treatments, modern pain science – the study of how sensation is actually independent of injury – forms the foundation of our approach to pain. We work with the body’s natural robustness and increase your resilience through individualised movements and exercises. Our mission? To help you achieve pain-free living and, in doing so, make our services redundant to you.

Dr. Jesse Cai

BSC (Chiro)/BChiro (AU)

A self-proclaimed “not your usual chiropractor”, Jesse believes in using movement as medicine and champions an active lifestyle for a functional and fulfilling life. Jesse, who originally chose to enroll in a Veterinarian School, went on a whirlwind journey through the law department of Murdoch University before settling into its Chiropractic Science course for five years. Part of his training included becoming one of the first certified SMART Tools (FDA-approved) practitioners in Singapore and Australia.

Prior to his return to Singapore, Jesse worked closely with high level Australian athletes. This included the Australian Football League as well as various state and national level sporting clubs. He was the Head Sport Trainer for the Forrestfield Football Club, board member of the Sports Chiropractic Australia in 2017, and was a member of Sports Medicine Australia.

It comes as no surprise that Jesse is quite a physically active individual as well. He was part of the Indian Ocean Dragon Boat Club in North Fremantle, which competed in the 2017 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. While he dabbled in outrigger canoeing around Sentosa, he can now be found strolling over to the nearby Straits Clan for his twice-a-week HIIT sessions, before slurping oysters at Humpback (a spritz may or may not be included). And, if you’re lucky, you might bump into his best friend, Kokoro, the goldendoodle on one of their walks.

Michael Beere

BSC (Exercise Physiology)

Michael is an ESSA-accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. Currently specialising in conservative, evidence-based management of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal condition, Michael manages pre -and post-operative rehabilitation for the orthopaedic department at Hollywood Functional Rehabilitation Clinic. He is the Head Exercise Physiologist at Auspost Perth Airport facility where he manages the occupational health program through the development and implementation of risk stratification initiatives.

Having competed at national level in rowing, representing both club and state at 5 Australian national championships, Michael understands the immense commitments of elite athletes, both within their training and everyday life. He continues to be involved in rowing at a club level, assisting with the development of up and coming young rowers.

Michael is trained in the McKenzie Method (also known as MDT – Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) and specialises in the management of chronic and acute cervical spine and shoulder pain.

Dr. Jesse believes that movement is medicine and takes a rehabilitation approach to help patients achieve higher function and performance.

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