Most people think seeing a chiropractor in Singapore is expensive because you have to keep coming back.

What if I told you that that is a lie?

Chiropractic charges in Singapore can be confusing. A cheap $38 trial can inflate to a $3800 package.

Trust me, I know it is frustrating for you. When I was looking for a chiropractor for my father back in 2015, I remembered calling over ten chiropractic clinics in Singapore to ask for their fees. All the phone conversions ended badly. Not only did their websites not have a clear fee structure of any kind, the receptionists were not able to advise on the costs involved as well. “It depends on the doctor’s findings during your first visit”, was all they could tell me.

Today I am going to share with you the 100% truth behind the cost of seeing a chiropractor in Singapore.

“I’ve tried multiple injury management methods ranging from sports massage to physiotherapy but to no avail. These methods provided me with short-term relief to my injury and failed to solve the root cause of the problem. Hence, the pain keeps coming back whenever I push my body to its limit.
Today marks my 3rd session with Jesse. I’m pleased to say that after merely 3 sessions with him, I am already able to do weighted squats with NO knee pain.”
Kingsley Tay
National Volleyball Athlete
29 April 2019, Instagram

Read more about our management of Kingsley Tay’s Achilles Tendinopathy.

But first, who is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor, or doctor of chiropractic, is a health care provider who is trained to diagnosed and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Traditional chiropractors often utilise chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation to correct “subluxations” or misalignment in the spine. Their belief is that the misalignment disrupts the nervous system. Correction of the “subluxations” will therefore result in better health and symptom relief. However, there is no evidence to support this approach to care.

Modern chiropractors take the latest research into consideration when working with a patient. They are considered evidence-based and deliver superior care compared to their traditional counterparts.

True chiropractic is about delivering long term pain relief without pain killers and surgery.

Who is a good chiropractor or the best chiropractor Singapore?

Needless to say, we think we are the best chiropractor in Singapore. Of course asking you to believe that will be a hard sell. So we have put together a list of what to look for to determine who is the best chiropractor.

Care about you as a person and want you to get as well as reasonably possible
Ethical about what they are selling you i.e. no overpromsing, and no overselling
Transparent about their fees and promotions
Not pushy about you committing to a time to come in
Doesn't use fear-mongering strategies to convince you to make an appointment
Unable to advise, on average, how long do their patients take to get better

Price comparison of chiropractors in Singapore

You would probably know someone who had a difficult time dealing with a chiropractor.

A quick search of the Internet will bring up multiple horror stories of chiropractors using fear-mongering tactics to sign clueless patients up for chiropractic packages. These encounters usually start with a cheap chiropractic promotion and end up a often expensive and unnecessary package. Some clinics even offer 90-session packages!

We are honest and transparent about our fees at Square One. For price comparison, we included a chiropractor Singapore price table to show how we charge relative to our chiropractic competitors in Singapore.

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Square One Active Recovery

First visit: $200
Follow ups: $145 $100

Singapore Pain Solutions

First visit: $165
Follow ups: $90

Neo Chiropractic

First visit: $150
Follow ups: $100

Light Chiropractic

First Visit: $190
Follow up: $130

We found these chiropractors through Google. We are also the only chiropractor in the list who does not offer packages.

Let’s look at the differences in treatment approaches for each clinic:

Square One Active Recovery

Exercise-based therapy

Passive modalities* available as adjunct with no additional fees

Singapore Pain Solutions

Chiropractic adjustment only

Spinal depression therapy available at extra cost

Neo Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustment only

Passive modalities* available at extra fees

Light Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustment only

No other therapy available

*passive modalities = chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, IASTM, massaage, etc

If you are to take into consideration what you get out of seeing us compared to a chiropractor at one of the other clinics, you’d realise that Square One, in our opinion, offers the highest value.

We are unable to find the fee structure for the bigger chiropractic chains such as Chiropractic First, Natural Healings, Healing Hands, or True Chiropractic,

chiropractor singapore, chiropractor, chiropractic clinic
Singapore #1 Tennis Player Roy Hobbs seeking treatment for his shoulder pain with chiropractor Jesse Cai
“I play tennis as a profession, and was having really bad lower back pain, that made me pull out of some tournaments. I visited Jesse and he not only got the lower back pains to stop, but we kept working on improving other parts to help me play better (loosened up my shoulder). Now I can play pain free and my serve has improved.”
Roy Hobbs
Singapore #1 National Tennis Athlete
25 March 2018, Google Reviews

Cheap chiropractors are NOT really cheaper!

The Allure of Cheap Chiropractors

Most of you would have considered choosing our competitors over us because they are cheaper. And indeed, they often are! You can find discount chiropractors on Fave (previously Groupon) for as little as $9 per session! If you are comfortable with what they offer, go ahead and give them a call.

Believe it or not, we have a money-back guarantee at Square One. Because you come first. Always.

You have to do your homework and your due diligence. Find out how much chiropractor Singapore cost. We are going to guess your experience with discount chiropractors will be no less unpleasant than the ones I had back in the day.

Cheap chiropractors in Singapore offer steep promotion (up to 94% on Fave, believe it or not) for an opportunity to sell you a package that will easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Most chiropractors in Singapore are also remunerated on a sales-based commission model. Not results! There is no incentive to help you get better, faster. Their relationship with you ends the moment you commit – on pen and paper – to their package. From that moment on, you become one of the many bodies that pass through their clinic each day.

Affordable and cheap care, albeit at the expense of a quality and meaningful therapeutic relationship, is their selling point!

You have been warned. Make sure you ask those questions before moving ahead. Based on their responses, you should be able to gauge if they are indeed the right place for you.

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  • Do not be pressured into signing a contract without understanding fully what the contract or treatment entails
  • Exerting undue pressure on a consumer to enter into a transaction is an unfair practice under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) AcT
  • The consumer can simply leave if he or she feels pressured to sign up
  • Check the chiropractic association’s website for a list of qualified chiropractors who have agreed to adhere to its code of ethics

People purchase the cheapest products on the market not because they are price motivated. It’s because they do not know better. Clinics selling subpar quick fix treatments aren’t going to want to take the time to explain what you’re paying for in language you can understand. They want to take your money and be working on the next patients as fast as possible to maximise their profit turnover. Maybe no one has taken the time to explain to you what exactly you should be looking for, but you can’t use the excuse for yourself anymore!

*We are not part of the chiropractic association in Singapore because their code of ethics forbids members from selling packages more than twelve sessions. We disagree. We think the code of ethics should not allow for chiropractic packages at all.

“You’d have thought going to a chiropractor would mean getting every inch of your body cracked and then walking out the door with a temporarily sated body. (But Thai masseuses are not chiropractors!)
Jesse bumps that up by making sure you leave with the knowledge of where and what went wrong with your body. He doesn’t stop there because you’d be taught mini exercises until you see him next. Yes, they help tremendously in recovery if you have the discipline! Without a doubt, Jesse is obviously well informed in his craft and you’d definitely understand why he trumps the “crack-and-go’s”.”
Clare Yau
Founder of Ryders Singapore
18 May 2018, Google Reviews

How Many Chiropractic Visits Do I Truly Need?

Do you know over 80% of our clients leave our care within 4 to 7 visits? Doesn’t matter if it’s neck pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain. We are about helping you achieve pain-free living and with full function.

Why do we get such results? It’s because exercise works. We believe exercise-based therapy, endorsed as first-choice treatment by virtually all international clinical guidelines, is the way to long-term pain relief.

If you are asking us how many chiropractic treatments you need in total to get better, I’d say four to seven visits should suffice. We do not particularly like the idea of maintenance/wellness care because we think that means you are not truly better.

But for argument’s sake, how often should you see a chiropractor if you want to keep coming back? Based on a study in 2018, patients who come back for regular chiropractic visits experienced 13 fewer days of lower back pain compared to the control group. On average, the participants saw the chiropractor for just under 9 visits a year. So, that works out to one visit every month or two months.

If you are looking to buy a 12 or 16 session package to be used over a year, that might make sense. Anything more, as supported by academic literature, is a bit of an overkill.

How to find a value-for-money chiropractor in Singapore?

The truth is you will likely pay more per visit at Square One. (The most expensive by far charges $120 for two minutes). We understand our approach to care is different (long treatment sessions, prescribed home exercises, and more expensive fees) and does not suit everyone.

We charge more per session because we spend more time with our clients to make sure we correctly understand their needs. It’s that simple! The result? Our patients get better faster.

Each and every one of our patients is unique and we want to ensure we customise their care to their specific needs. We believe in giving you more value for your dollar. Because that’s what builds a stronger, healthier community.

We consistently deliver results our competitors cannot match! We are one of the most successful clinics in Singapore with a stellar track record of 100% 5-star reviews on Google (as of publication time). Don’t forget – we are still the only clinic with a 100% money-back policy in place!

There are many good reasons to see a chiropractor but only you can decide who is best for you. Finding an affordable chiropractor Singapore is hard work and we welcome you to talk to us should you need more help in determining who is best for you. We promise to stay as impartial as reasonably possible!

Square One vs. Our Competitors

Results in 4 to 7 visits

Over 80% of our clients leave our care in 4 to 7 visits. We don’t offer packages or maintenance care because we deliver truly outstanding results. We empower our clients.

Results in > 8 visits?

Our competitors are often unable to share how long their clients take to get better. In fact, treatment packages are common among chiropractors and physiotherapists.

Performance Progression

Once you get better, we drive the intensity of the program up so you are always getting the best results possible.

“Our aim is for you to squat 20kg without pain next week.”

No Clear Progression (Time-based Progression)

Our competitors often see their clients twice weekly for the first fortnight or month without clear criteria progression.

“See how you feel in a few days.”

High Value Care

We are 100% evidence-based and 100% guidelines compliant. We do not offer modalities that are not supported by the latest research. Our treatments deliver results.

Low Value Care

Our competitors offer treatments that are the most popular (i.e. manual adjustments, dry needling, IASTM) even though research does not support their use as first-choice treatment. They do what is best for sales and don’t always deliver results.

Honest Selling

We support all our work with references and hard data so you can fact check. To keep ourselves accountable, we share daily updates on the latest research in our Facebook group: Singapore Pain & Injury Network.

Emotional Selling

Our competitors do not support their claims with references or hard data making it impossible for you to fact check. They take your trust for granted. We don’t. They count on you buy with emotion and later justify with logic.


Your care with us doesn’t end when you leave for the day. We follow up with our clients via WhatsApp and emails to see how they are progressing with the exercises. We monitor our clients closely to make sure they are always performing at 100%


Our competitors in Singapore do not follow up with their clients’ recovery progress between visits. In most cases, your access to the clinician ends when you leave the clinic for the day. You don't have professional support in between visits.

“I am still so dumbfounded how 20 years of chronic problems from one injury have been nullified in just a few weeks. My body is feeling truly awesome. Very thankful I’m in some good hands at the moment.”
Paul Foster
Host, Actor, Model
18 April 2018, Instagram

Are you ready to start your recovery journey? Please proceed if:

You are ready to live pain-free
You trust Square One to be the right chiropractor for you
You are open to trying exercise as a core treatment for your pain
You will try to get better to the best of your ability
You will be self-compassionate through this challenging but fulfilling recovery

(Don’t worry, we are all not perfect. But we ask you try.)


*Fee must be paid in full before an appointment can be scheduled