Get Real Treatment for Your Knee Pain

Your knee hurts. You have been talking to your friends about the knee pain you have been getting since you started running or working out. Your friends “diagnosed” you with Runner’s Knee. It is not getting better. While rest seems to help, the pain always comes back. You can’t train and your marathon is three months away. The good news is chiropractors can help! Sports chiropractors are highly trained musculoskeletal experts specialise in the management of sports injuries such as running. With the right care, you will get back on your feet in no time.

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Knee Pain

There has been a lot of media coverage questioning common, standard medical procedures. The issue in concern is that these procedures’ effectiveness are not supported by research data.

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Tendon pathology is a widely researched and discussed topic, and a quick google search can end up taking you down a deep dark rabbit hole of conflicting research, opinion, and debate.

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Sports Chiropractors are highly trained musculoskeletal experts specialise in the management of sports injuries such as running. With the right care, you will get back on your feet in no time.

What is Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s Knee refers to a painful knee caused by strain from repetitive use. It is often also known as patellofemoral syndrome (PFPS) or iliotibial (IT band) syndrome. It can affect anyone but is commonly associated with endurance athletes such as runners and triathletes.

Symptoms of Runner’s Knee

Knee pain is the most common complaint in patients with runner’s knee. The pain can be just below the knee or you may experience pain on the inside of knee.

It may be painful for you to bend and straighten your knee. Pain and swelling after running are also common.

What Causes Runner’s Knee Pain?

We don’t know! Researchers still have no idea what causes runner’s knee. Weaknesses of the VMO, muscular imbalances, and poor tracking have been attributed to causing runner’s knee. However, research does not support these hypotheses.

Most people think flat feet and running shoes are causes of knee pain. This is not true. Check out our blog posts:

If weakness and imbalances does not cause Runner’s Knee, why should I choose rehabilitation?

While we do not know the cause of Runner’s Knee. We know we can increase your tolerance to exercise and physical activities. This mean that while we don’t think weaknesses and imbalances are why you get Runner’s Knee, we are able to make your symptoms go away by increase your knee’s resilience!

Manual Therapy for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or IT Band Syndrome

The good news is conservative care can help you feel better without drugs, injections, or surgery!

While other Singapore chiropractor may treat your knee joint with chiropractic adjustment and dry needling, Square One predominantly uses exercise rehabilitation.

Research supports what we do at Square One. When it comes to musculoskeletal pain, active care is the number one recommended treatment. Manual therapy are at best adjunct care.  

Exercise Your Knee Pain Away

All of our patients improve with exercise. We greatly emphasise self-care and empower our patients to take care of themselves!

During your visit with us, we will evaluate your knee joint and prescribe you with suitable exercises to do while you are home. This allows you to get fast, long-term results without having to check in with us repeatedly. Less visits mean more cost-savings for you!

Forget about knee support or physical therapy, exercise gives you better results.

Singapore’s #1 Exercise Chiropractor

Do you know Square One is the only rehabilitation-based chiropractic clinic in Singapore? Our revolutionary functional program uses rehabilitation without manual therapy so you can get better faster.

Don’t let your body suffer in silence! Avoiding treatment can cause unnecessary aches and pain for many years to come.

At Square One, we make it our priority to help you live a full, functional, and happy life. If you have sought medical advice and they recommended you stop running, let us assure you that that is not the best approach to treating your knee pain.

To experience the best chiropractic care in Singapore, book a consultation appointment with us today.

What You Need to Know

Square One is one of the few evidence-based practices in Singapore.

According to the latest research, there is consistent evidence to support the use of exercise to improve symptoms from patellofemoral pain syndrome in short, medium, and even long-term.

There is limited poor quality studies to support taping, foot orthoses, knee brace, and surgery. As such, exercise and rehabilitation is the number one choice for patients presenting at Square One with Runner’s Knee.

Research also supports the use of multi-modal approach for symptom relief. This is also provided to our patients at no extra charges.