Last night, some one left a one-star review for us on Google. We think the intent was to cause hurt or to damage our reputation but we are not going to let that happen. In fact, we embraced it and we love it.

We want to share our thoughts on the review with you.


Because we believe in informed decision-making.

If you are a prospective client, we want you to know that we are not perfect and that there are indeed people who are unhappy with our service. We firmly believe you deserve to know the full picture before making a decision to book in with us.

(Don’t forget to check out the takeaway messages at the end.)


chiropractor singapore, worst chiropractor singapore, chiropractic clinicI took up the $54 promo that includes adjustment, recommended by a Friend who mentioned that Jesse is doing great work. READ his site to know his methods are exercise based, not just cracking. I was keen to know in details what his services were that are different from others. What I did not expect on the first session was just a 45 mins Q&A that made you feel awful at the end of it. Throughout the session, every explanation Jesse made, he will ask “do you get it?”. I totally get it that uneven shoulders, bad posture and occasional shoulder pain should not rely solely on adjustment (duh), obviously it is for aesthetically and overall health reasons for me. He also point out that I am NOT suited for chiropractic since it didn’t work out for me previously – again point noted. Since I am not an expert in this field, Jesse was indeed very knowledgeable and informative, but can come across as arrogant and stand off-ish (at least for me). However, I left feeling informed, confused and disrespected all at the same time. After the session, he gave me 2 options – 30 mins rehab program that he said “he’s happy to” or an adjustment (which was in the $54 promo unlimited for a week). And I responded that “I am not taking any options. Thanks for your time”. Obviously, I am not keen to have someone talk to me like an idiot. Do note that this review is solely based on his attitude and arrogance during my 45 mins Q&A, NOT his work.

– Lissiewong exercise, 13 Aug 2019

1. 100% of our clients, who work with us to achieve full recovery, pay our full fee


neck pain, chiropractic adjustment, paul foster, chiropractor singapore, best chiropractor singapore, chiropractor
Celebrity host and actor Paul Foster underwent a combination of chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, and clinical rehabilitation at our chiropractic clinic. In his words, “I am still so dumbfounded how 20 years of chronic problems from one injury have been nullified in just a few weeks. My body is feeling truly awesome. Very thankful I’m in some good hands at the moment.”


The first thing we want to clarify is how we utilise discounts at Square One. Unlike other chiropractic clinics, we don’t hard sell. Offering discounts is not one of the strategies we use to increase sales.

When it comes to discounted first time trials, our conversion rate (to continuing care clients) is virtually zero.


Because we don’t hard sell. In fact, we are probably terribly at selling.

So, why do we even offer discounts? Well, for community outreach.

We use discounts for sole purpose of increasing awareness of what we do at Square One (i.e. clinical rehabilitation). In this specific case, we launched a $54 for one consultation plus a week of unlimited chiropractic adjustments promotion.

Everyone who signed up for the promotion was directed to read our blog post Chiropractic Adjustments: Does It Work? We also make them acknowledge on the sign up form that chiropractic adjustments alone is not a long-term pain solution and that current clinical guidelines support exercise, education, and advice as first-line treatment.

In short, “Lissiewong exercise” who left the review would have already known we are first and foremost a exercise-based chiropractic clinic.

Yes, we do offer chiropractic adjustments for people who opt for them. These services are ONLY provided on the condition that you understand chiropractic adjustments offer only short-term pain relief.

2. We educate ALL of our clients before they make a booking

In one of our older blog posts, we discussed what we learnt from hosting Pain Schooled! workshops. One of our clients shared that Jesse “obliterated” him as if he didn’t want him as a client. p.s. he was paying full fee.

The context was that we were sending him blog posts specific to his condition. Our intent? So, he can make his own informed decision.

He did end up getting very remarkable results with us. And this, we believe, is the importance of informed decision making.

When it came to the promotion mentioned in the review, we sent the blog post regarding chiropractic adjustments again via email. We also included articles that are specific to the condition the person is seeking treatment for. All of this occur BEFORE you can make an appointment with us.

It is not clear from the review but we would have highlighted the following:

Facebook Review: 15 years chronic lower back pan

I have been suffering from chronic backache for about 15 years. Been to a few chiropractors, had tuina treatments, physiotherapy and even underwent a radio frequency ablation treatment done by a orthopaedic but the pain keeps coming back. The pain was so bad that I just do not want to bend my back to do anything. Just as I thought there would be no other ways but to endure this pain for life, I chanced upon Jessie’s website. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of the treatment at first. Really? No adjustments just some exercises everyday? But given I had no other choice, I decided to went along with treatment. After the second consultation, I was pleasantly surprised that I could feel improvements to my pain level. Jessie would regularly check in on me by asking about my pain level after doing the exercises and gave suggestions to tweak the intensity/frequency of the exercises. By the time I went for my fourth treatment, the pain level was so low that I take it as non-existent. All these while, there were no hard selling from Jessie to pick up any packages or to ask me to come back frequently for the consultations. In fact, he was fine for me to take a longer time to do those exercises prescribed to assess effectiveness. Jessie is a true doc who has the interest of the patient at heart and not his own pocket. I would recommend him anytime if anyone needs to get himself ‘saved’ from pain afflictions.

You know it’s a legitimate because she spelt my name wrong. I didn’t even realise that until after I published the blog post. Why? We have our eyes set on higher goals lah.

3. We are not a pay-for-service provider

We mentioned a couple of times already, we believe in informed decision making. In the context of healthcare decisions, it will include our expertise so it really is also a shared decision making process.

In one of our earlier posts, we highlighted the clients who respond the best tend to engage in a collaborative relationship with us.

For us, it’s NEVER about you paying us a fee, getting adjusted, and off you go. If that’s what you are after, there are plenty of options available in Singapore.

It’s important to us that you understand what treatment you are getting and the context of which it works. If you don’t get it, we don’t administer the treatment. This is why there is a consultation component to your time with us.

In this case, as the reviewer aptly pointed out, she had 45 minutes of consultation/Q&A with us. The promotion she signed up for, really, was only scheduled for 30 minutes. (We had to cut it at 45 minutes because there was a client waiting to see us next.)

The promotion also didn’t include exercise programming or clinical rehabilitation (which we charge $100 for a 30-minute block, and never offer discounts for that).

We were willing to offer her more time and a premium service that is not what she signed up for. Even though she could have known from our prior emails that she is not a suitable candidate for chiropractic adjustments.

Like she already pointed out in her review, chiropractic adjustments didn’t work for her previously. (This was not made known in the email exchange.)

So, to try the same treatment twice and to expect a different outcome is somewhat bizarre if you think about it.

We understand that that is not obvious to some people so we offered “Lissiewong exercise” the better solution.

N.B. She chose to not take it.

4. “Do you get it?”


best chiropractor singapore, lower back pain, hawker, walter tay, outram park
Millennial hawker and fitness personality Walter Tay is one of our clients who attributed his successful treatment to a collaborative, bilateral working relationship with chiropractor Jesse Cai.

I do use the ‘do you get it’ question on occasion though the more commonly used question is “Do you understand what I am trying to say?”

The reason is simple: It’s important to me that you understand.

For initial consultations, the question I always ask is: “Do you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns?”

In fact, multiple times through the first session – exactly like what the review said – I would invite for questions at the end of every explanation.

I do genuinely believe that it’s not in our nature to ask questions so for me it’s really about providing opportunities to develop a collaborative relationship.

5. Attitude and arrogance

I posted a screenshot of the review on my personal Instagram account and a few ex-clients reached out to ask if I was okay. Specifically, they recommended that I ignore the review and move on.

If you know me personally, you would not disagree that I am fairly abrasive in my communication style. I would not hesitate to call you out if I have grounds and very often I would provide the exact grounds for which I call you out.

I do the same professionally in this blog. I have called out cheap chiropractors and also an orthopaedic surgeon who doesn’t have his facts right.

In that context, I can 100% resonate with why “Lissiewong exercise” found me arrogant or stand off-ish.

An ex-client very aptly pointed out that this client is probably not in my target demographic.

A few ex-clients also independently brought up the possibility that “Lissiewong exercise” wanted “sugar coated white lies.” I.e. just wanted a clinician or therapist who agreed with her personal biases.

Well, guess what, that is just not me. It’s 100% what we are vehemently against at Square One Active Recovery.

Must read takeaway message for prospective clients

  1. We believe in informed decision making. From the moment before you approached us, you would have already been in contact with some sort of our content. We are easily the most prolific musculoskeletal health blogger in Singapore.
  2. If you have an opportunity to make a booking with us on a discounted rate, make your best value out of it because i) we don’t offer discounts often, ii) the reason we are doing it is for community outreach, not sales.
  3. We talk A LOT about community and collaboration. Part of this includes transparency. So, we do talk a lot about being the best chiropractor in Singapore but we are not ashamed to admit that we don’t please everyone.
  4. We grounded, confident, and firm in our clinical practice. Almost everything we blog about comes with specific in-text references to support our claims. We also get ridiculously good results – we have plenty of five-star reviews to support this.
  5. In fact, we are so confident that we are the only chiropractic/physiotherapy clinic with a money-back guarantee (T&Cs in FAQ).

So that’s the end of our experience with our first legitimate one-star Google review.

We really don’t aim to please everyone at Square One Active Recovery. Feeling good and feeling shiok is definitely not on the menu for us. So, if you are interested to being one of our clients who achieve full recovery in four to seven visits, drop us a message below. We’ll be happy to chat more.