Finding a good chiropractor in Singapore can be hard work. Every week we get patients asking us if Square One Chiropractic can help them. This is an excellent question. We understand your concerns because it is your money, your body, and your health. 

You have read our 5-star chiropractic reviews on Google, heard your friends and colleagues raved about how life-changing chiropractic is, but you’re still not convinced we are the best chiropractor for you. We appreciate your need to research your options before committing to a decision. After all, it’s no longer just about convenience and finding the first chiropractor near you. We applaud you for taking the time to do your due diligence. This is why you are still reading this! We have written about the evidence supporting the benefits of chiropractic care and how we are one of the best rated chiropractors in SingaporeToday we are going to give you four reasons why our competitors might be your better choice. Yup, you heard that right!

1. You are looking for a chiropractor to “crack” your spine and give you a body rub

The Best Chiropractor In Singapore Near You
Clare from Ryders working on her knee stability to boost her wakeboarding performance.

Most of us have had a massage before. It’s relaxing and therapeutic. In fact, I love massages and have made the occasional trip across the causeway for a cheap, good Thai massage. It is amazing! If this is what you are after, Square One is not for you.

Yes, chiro literally means hands but chiropractors have come so far to expand our scope of practice to include what works best for our patients. A chiropractor is a healthcare expert trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal complaints. Our comprehensive training from chiropractic adjustments, to dry needling to rehab means we offer you a truly holistic treatment. This means you get better, faster.

Don’t forget: Movement is medicine.

We cannot emphasise enough. While we offer an array of manual therapy (more than most chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics), manual therapy is NOT our core business. Spinal manipulation (i.e. chiropractic adjustments), massage, acupuncture have been demonstrated to help with pain relief and are recommended by guidelines worldwide as the first line to treat back pain. (FYI: over the counter medication is last so you can put your pills away now.) However, manual therapy alone is NOT going to give you long-term results. Remember, at Square One #OnlyResultsMatter to us.

2. You want a cheap chiropractor

You have probably heard of this: you get what you paid for. You can read more about how much it cost to see a chiropractor and our take on cheap chiropractors here. For discounted chiropractic care, your best bet is to look on Fave.

3. You hate exercise – you want us to make you better. Like what you see on YouTube.

Dr Jesse Cai is Singapore's best rehab-based chiropractor
Joshua working on his middle back contraction while his rotator cuff muscles are firing hard.

Recovery with Square One is a collaborative effort. From our part, we provide the expertise – the treatment and the advice – you will need to help you get better. What we need from you is to comply with the exercises prescribed for you. These exercises are designed to address specific deficits in movement patterns or muscular strength that we have identified during your assessment. We teach your body how to move better, move more efficiently, so you don’t have to come back. Sounds good?

Square One does not sell snake oil. We do not sell false hopes. We are good at what we do and we know our limitation – we need you to help us help you get better.

4. You think TCM, physiotherapists and osteopaths are more likely to be able to help you

Always go to the healthcare provider you are most comfortable with. Square One is an evidence-based chiropractic clinic. Patient values (and preferences) is one of the three pillars of evidence-based practice (the other two are clinical expertise and research evidence). If you already have someone one in mind, we want you to stay committed to them.

The Best Chiropractor Is Who You Like

Research has consistently shown that therapeutic alliance – that is the relationship between a healthcare provider and a patient – has a positive effect on the outcomes of your treatment! You should NEVER go to a practitioner you are unsure about.

Fun Fact: A 2016 paper reported that patients perceived their therapeutic relationship with their chiropractors to be very positive by their third consultation!

Finding a good chiropractor can be a particularly challenging experience in Singapore. We believe in helping you to make informed decisions when it comes to your health. Reach out to Square One Chiropractic if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Don’t worry! We don’t take offence if you decide to go elsewhere. (p.s. we still think we are the best chiropractor in Singapore!)